Thanking our Forces

Our armed forces have kept our country safe for almost one thousand years. Many have lost life and limb serving our people. Now the independent sector of the accommodation industry would like to pay tribute to them by offering free accommodation comprising one bedroom to a serviceman or servicewoman plus partner (and children if the room can accommodate).

The scheme is open to independent accommodation providers (small hotel, B&B, guest house, inn, self-catering apartment). To register click on the following email link. An email template will pop up and all you have to do is supply the information required in the message section and send.

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Thanking our Forces in more detail (2017 scheme below.)

This scheme for UK accommodation providers is based on the popular B&Bs for Vets scheme launched in USA and Canada in 2008. We are fortunate to have the founder of that scheme, Kathleen Panek, as a BedPosts Club committee member and she will help to steer the sister scheme in UK to similar success.

How it works (for 2017)

  1. Participants offer a minimum of one room for one night - and totally free - to veterans and active military on Saturday 11th November 2017 (the night before Remembrance Sunday)
  2. Participants may instead offer an alternative or additional date - Remembrance Day itself - Sunday 12th November
  3. The list of participants will be displayed on the index pages of (accommodation advertising portal) and (home of the community of independent accommodation providers)
  4. Participants will deal directly with all enquiries from potential guests
  5. If breakfast is normally given to paying guests then forces guests should also be given this free of charge
  6. When the accommodation is "sold" an email should be sent to to notify this
  1. Offer of accommodation is subject to the normal terms and condition of the participating accommodation provider
  2. Though the accommodation is being offered free-of-charge the normal rules regarding "no show" still apply. At the time of booking your credit card details may be taken and used (as specified in the participant's terms and conditions) in the event that you do not arrive to occupy the reserved room(s).
  3. Otherwise, thank you for your service to our country!
  4. On arrival you should present documentary evidence of active or past military service
  1. The scheme is being organised jointly by BedPosts Business Club and Internet Results Ltd, hosts of the BedPosts websites
  2. Organisers will be promoting the scheme through TV, radio, social media and the printed media
  3. Ideas for promotion should be sent to
  4. If the scheme gets sufficient take-up, will be re-programmed to incorporate Thanking our Forces into advertisers' control panels.