availability search

Why display availability? Because

  • you'll get more bookings and higher room occupancy
  • if you don't display availability many people assume you don't have it and therefore don't call you
  • you'll be saving your time dealing with enquiries when you don't have availability
  • you don't want your customers going to online travel agencies to find availabiity

THOR basic - a simple availability calendar:

  • It takes no time at all to update
  • It's easy to set up
  • It can be used on your own website
  • It can be used on other advertising websites
  • All your displays of THOR availability can be updated from a single calendar
  • It's free
THOR calendar

Example of calendar in your BedPosts control panel. Simply click on tick to turn into cross or question mark. If you set up your rooms in a generic way, as illustrated, you only need to cross off availability when the last room in that class has been sold.