Meeting place of Independent Accommodation Providers

Where you can discuss operational matters, get help, market your business and have fun.

Eligibility: small hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, inns and self-catering apartments/houses that are not part of a chain.

Two types of membership: Forum (free) and Club (£50 annual subscription). Read about their entwined organisation and history. Please hover on the links below to read more then click to join.

Read the "glossy" online magazine produced bi-monthly by the BedPosts Business Club.

Our armed forces have kept us safe for almost 1000 years. Now independent accommodation providers would like to pay tribute to them by offering free accommodation comprising one bedroom to a serviceperson plus partner on the night before Remembrance Sunday. Scheme is open to non-BedPosts members.

Free forum-only membership includes...


  • Free on
  • Advert on town page
  • Full brochure page
  • No commissions!
  • Add availability
  • Add customer reviews
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Club Badge

  • Attracts interest
  • Portrays feel of quality
  • Promotes you in Google
  • Choice of sizes
  • Portrait, landscape & icon
  • Condition of advertising
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Availability calendar

  • Branded THOR basic
  • Increases enquiries
  • Easy/quick to update
  • Put it on your website
  • And on web portals
  • Reduce unwanted calls
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Credit Card Processing

  • Credit cards 0.74%
  • Debit cards 0.34%
  • Business cards 1.81%
  • Terminals from £13.99
  • Min Charge £15/month
  • PCI DSS £3.90/month
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Suppliers' Discounts

  • Guest room supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Beds & bedding
  • Soft furnishings
  • Payroll
  • Insurance
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Discussion Boards

  • Get help
  • Legal stuff
  • Make friends
  • Post news
  • Sell stuff
  • Have fun
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Photo Galleries

  • Share photos
  • Annual competition
  • Prize awarded
  • Winners go in promotions
  • BreakAway photos
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  • Delivered by email
  • Keep informed
  • How to utilise BedPosts
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Club membership includes, all the above, plus...

Customer reviews

  • Increase bookings
  • Stored on BedPosts
  • Feed to your website
  • No account fee
  • No link to competitors!
  • Adjudication when unfair
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Book direct & save

  • Scheme known as BeDS
  • Avoid agents' fees
  • Boost direct bookings
  • Special advert position
  • Appear in mail shots
  • Add guests to mail list
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House sitting

  • AKA BedPosts BedSits
  • Take a holiday!
  • Get a house sitter
  • Experienced professional
  • Will take bookings
  • Will keep house safe
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  • Get more bookings
  • Ad at top of Google
  • Campaign on demand
  • Paid for out of subs
  • Linked to Analytics
  • Use Club's expertise
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Club membership £50.00 per annum
(30 days money back guarantee)